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1. General organization

The organization of the activities at Flix High School follows the following chart: a teacher responsible for extracurricular activities .

Teaching departments’ responsibility, every department relates curricular activities to the annual program (PGA). The responsible of which is the head of department.

All the activities are organized by the state General Programming Center, and later approved by the Senate teachers.

Specific programs (singular activities) are assigned a program coordinator and a committee responsible for monitoring.

The CASE (Coordinating extracurricular activities and services), as well as the department heads, and the different committees have in their schedule hours devoted to these activities.

All physical resources are available in the center.

2. Fundamental principles

The system of vocational training in the Catalan Ministry of Education is organized into modules. These are divided into various training units. And they have certain hours in the curriculum. Compulsory in-company training is a module cycle with a total of 350 hours. These 350 hours are distributed as follows: the second semester of the second year of the training cycle of higher level.

Flix high school will track down the hours of compulsory in-company training and they will be recognized as 22 ECTS European Credit transferred and accumulation system, as listed in the "Royal Decree 1125/2003, of 5 September, where the European system of credits and qualifications is established."

3.0. When participating in mobility activities – Before mobility

The language of communication at Flix High school and in near environment is Catalan. Both teachers and as well as the affiliated companies, related to the school are willing to use Spanish when necessary. Also, if the language of communication is English, but there will be a person assigned to both the companies and school, who will be in charge of translating.

3.1. Language policy

We also have a support program for foreign students. In the case of students who will welcome have a support program for students abroad. The center assigns some students called student- guides, to help them as well as with a language teacher to receive language support.

The Catalan Ministry of Education makes available in the centers Catalan learning programs. Within the platform students can find many learning resources, one of which is:

Monitoring committee of the ECHE program is getting in touch with Erasmus Plus specific programs like Online Language Support (OSL).

In the case of those students who will travel abroad, they will receive an additional language training in the curriculum.

4. When participating in mobility activities – During mobility

Professor of English with reduced workload to give attention to the Language needs of students received either support teacher-tutor of the center.

Allocation of 2 hours a week with a teacher of catalan in the classroom host.

5. When participating in mobility activities – After mobility

All monitoring is done through the QBID program (where may be found all the details of the activities on monitoring and evaluation for the student and the mentor, as well as the satisfaction level of the experience from the student and mentor ) will be translated and delivered it to the center of origin of students. Flix high school will write a certificate of recognition of ECTS and a certificate of the tasks performed and their integration both in our community and the company.

We will also demand from the center of the country and from the company where our students are being trained the same documents.

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